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Raul Garcia Studio is an architecture and design firm whose purpose is to combine aesthetic beauty and technical excellence in its work.

It was founded by Raúl García and is not just a workspace, but a place where different disciplines and talents converge, forming a multidisciplinary team of professionals committed to excellence in every project and united by a series of shared values. Values such as a passion for architecture and design and a strong commitment to the Japanese concept of kaizen, which advocates continuous improvement. In addition to professional excellence, teamwork is also key in the Studio, recognizing that success is not an individual achievement but the result of collective effort. This culture of collaboration not only strengthens team cohesion but also translates into a better experience for clients, who are at the heart of everything the Studio does.



Raúl García | CEO · PhD Architect

Architect educated at the European University of Madrid and the New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego (California, USA).

MArch, Postgraduate Expert in Architecture, Design and Innovation under the instruction of Álvaro Siza, E. Souto de Moura, M. Aires Mateus, Carlos Ferrater and Fran Silvestre, among others.

PhD Architect (with a Cum Laude distinction) from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Columnist for the Blog Fundación Arquia between 2016 and 2022.

Between 2017 and 2018, he completed the course ‘The Architectural Imagination’ at Harvard University (Massachusetts, USA).

Guest lecturer on the Qualifying Master’s Degree in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia since 2018.

His projects have been published in some of the most prestigious websites and specialised architectural journals in the 5 continents, as well as in several exhibitions in Spain and South America.

Moreover, he has published several research articles in prestigious scientific journals in Spain and Latin America, focusing on the study of natural light and the work of Álvaro Siza, culminating in the publication of his PhD thesis ‘La Luz como material constructivo del espacio-tiempo’ (‘Light as a constructive material of space-time’) and the book ‘Álvaro Siza. A la luz de la luz de la arquitectura’ (Álvaro Siza, in the light of architecture) published by Diseño Editorial in 2024.


Miguel García | Projects Dpt. Director

Emilio Belda | Architect

Ozmar García | Architect

Costanza Canuto | Architect

Rubén Clavijo | Building engineer

José A. Sanchís | Urbanism

Encarna Bosch | Urbanism&Landscaping

Ángel Pérez | Architect & CG Artist


Estructuras Singulares | Structural calculation

Windmill Structural Consultants | Structural calculation

Atmosphere Renders | | 3D & CG Artist

Adrián Mora | Photography & Video

Diego Opazo | Photography

Concept, Methodology and


Architecture is born from an idea, but it is also a reality that must answer to the specific and unique needs of each customer and each environment. That is why each project is unique.

The topography and orientation of the plot, the customer’s lifestyle and timetable… Knowing how to read the context (physical and human) of the project and being able to provide an optimal response allows us to create unique and personal spaces, and to transmit to the customer the feeling that the architect is the tool he can rely on to fulfil the project of his dreams. A unique project, created for a customer and for a specific place. A tailor-made suit ready to be inhabited.
The creative philosophy of Raul Garcia Studio is based and developed around the following concepts:


Generating simple, but not simplistic, spaces. Simplicity understood as the will to reduce to the irreducible without renouncing ambition, using the minimum required elements, with poetic rigour so that nothing exceeds but nothing lacks.


Discussing with the context, whether physical, historical, political, cultural… so that architecture is integrated and is not conceived as an alien entity to its surroundings.


Creating phenomenological architecture; spaces to live in and to be lived in. Experienced, perceived through every sense. The materiality, the light, the routes as an almost theatrical sequentiality… all to provide a full experimentation of the built space.

Creativity, Precision and Innovation

Seeking excellence outside our comfort zone, with creative freedom to take on new challenges in which the rigour of the process and the quality of the result remain the priority.


Generating confidence in all the agents of the project, especially in the customer as a key part of the gear, through a humane, empathetic and transparent treatment that allows the customer to enjoy the process.


Fostering team spirit, where all parties have an important role to play and work in a supportive, passionate and rigorous approach with a common goal: the excellence in the final result.



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Build Architecture Awards 2024

Best Luxury Residential Architecture Studio, Spain

Descripción de la imagen

Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2024

Ovos House. Winner

Descripción de la imagen

Best of Archello

Ovos House. Winner, 2022

Descripción de la imagen

Corporate Livewire Global Awards

Multidisciplinary Architecture Studio of the Year 2021/2022

Descripción de la imagen

Build Home Builders Awards

Best High-End Residential Architecture Practice, 2021

Descripción de la imagen

Best Project Archilovers 2021

Velo House. Winner, 2021

Descripción de la imagen

Design & Build Awards

Ones to Watch in Spain 2019

Descripción de la imagen

Build Home & Garden Award

Interior & Exterior Design Firm of the Year 2019

Descripción de la imagen

XI Premios Porcelanosa. Arquitectura e Interiorismo

Tectum. Summer pavilion. Finalist, 2018

Descripción de la imagen

Best Project Archilovers 2017

Tectum. Summer pavilion. Winner, 2017



Descripción de la imagen

Alvaro Siza. A la luz de la luz de la Arquitectura

Diseño Editorial

2024 | Buenos Aires.

Descripción de la imagen

Reflejos de Le Corbusier en la obra de Siza

Arquitecturas del Sur

N.59 | 2021 | Universidad del Bío-Bío Chile

Descripción de la imagen

Diálogos de Arquitectura y Luz

RAu Revista científica de arquitectura y urbanismo

Vol.42 N.1 | 2021 | Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana J. M. Echeverría.

Descripción de la imagen

La memoria proyectante

EGA Revista de expresión gráfica arquitectónica

N.38 | 2020 | Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Descripción de la imagen

Siza x Siza. Palabra de maestro

BAc. Revista de investigación y arquitectura contemporánea

N9 | 2019 | Universidade da Coruña

Raul Garcia Studio

We design spaces.
We build trust



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